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Love Actually 2003

Love Actually 2003

She follows the lives of eight very different pairs in managing her love life in a few vaguely coherent stories all ready for an angry month before Christmas in London, England.

Director: Richard Curtis ‘ writer: Richard Curtis Stars: Hugh Grant, Martin McCutcheon, Liam Neeson

Against the backgrounds of seniors are rock stars Billy Mack with back-covered topics “love is about” as he knows that it is rubbish and there would be no bones about it much to disgust his manager Joe as he promotes the post, a few stories related to romantic love and obstacles to Happiness through the love Londoners were presented during the five weeks before Christmas. Daniel’s wife just died, leaving him to take care of his young stepson Sam. Daniel is not sure how to deal with Sam and his problems without his wife present, especially in light of the potential pudding romance in his home. Julia and Peter just got married. They think Peter’s best friend and godfather Mark hate Julia, but they won’t say a face. Others who look at the situation from the outside believe that the brand is jealous of Julia, because he is in love with Peter himself. Jamie, the author, takes a written withdrawal from himself in rural France…

Everywhere you see, love causes chaos. From a British prime candidate who, on his first day at 10 Downing Street, falls in love with a girl who gives her tea, on a desperate sandwich guy who doesn’t think she has a chance with girls, so he goes to Wisconsin. From aging rock star, Rocky Director, Portuguese monlingual Husa-Love comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Here, ten separate stories–but intertwining–love all lead to the great climax on Christmas Eve, proving that love is the driving force in all the lives of these people.