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Meditation is designed to still the body and mind to reach a place of focus and clarity. In these sessions you will learn various meditation techniques to practice with and without your instructor. Meditation can be combined with any of the other class types.

Yoga Fusion

This class type will combine elements of yoga, strength training, pilates, and functional movement to enhance muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. Expect to sweat, laugh, and challenge both the body and mind. This class is geared to those looking to tone the body and/or lose weight.


Restorative yoga is named for the purpose that it serves; to restore the body. It is an extremely calming practice created to relax the practitioner from start to finish. It includes a combination of deep stretching and meditation and may incorporate the use of props to bring the body into natural alignment.

Yoga for Athletes

This style of yoga has been created for athlete’s looking to condition their body and get a deep stretch all in one class. Instructors will focus on areas of weakness and attend to the over-worked muscles of the specific athlete.


Ashtanga is a choreographed practice which traditionally follows a specific sequence of poses. It is geared toward disciplined and athletic practitioners looking to gain strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Power Flow

Power Flow is designed to incorporate strength building, muscular endurance, and cardio training into your yoga practice. It follows a faster pace and is guaranteed to give you a good sweat without the need for a heated room.

Beginner Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the foundation of most asana practices. It incorporates the physical body, breath work, and the mind. This style is flexible in nature offering students a multitude of poses and movement.


Vinyasa Flow connects both body and mind, with a specific focus on poses and proper alignment. This style usually provides more movement than a Hatha Yoga practice and will build more heat within the body.


Yin is a slow paced and grounded style of yoga which helps with overall mobility, flexibility, and meditative breath work. This practice is based on the holding of poses for a few minutes each and allows for deep muscular stretching.